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An educatonal shift will happen, with or without you

Last weekend I was at London Startup Weekend, where several teams pitched exiting new educational ideas. You can divide those ideas in two groups:

1. Tools that support the existing educational methods.

2. Concepts that shift the entire way of how education is delivered.

Unfortunately, some jury members with an educational background didn’t see any value in ideas from the second group. Based on their experience, they didn’t expect that schools and teachers would be willing to adapt concepts that change the current methods of education too much.

Fortunately, change in education will not depend on schools to take on new methods and technologies. It will be the students, kids, parents, and companies that expect and demand new ways of education to fit today’s needs. They are already innovating faster than schools and if schools don’t catch up, they will seek part of their education elsewhere.

Innovating education is not a voluntary choice for schools and teachers. It’s a decision to be part of the future educational system or not.

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